Pethouzz Pet Pill Tablet Syringe with Soft Tip,Pet Medical Feeding Tool

Are you still worry about how to feed medicine for dogs and cats?Mix it in the food?Stir in the water?NO! Some medicines can’t be fed with food!
Pethouzz pet pill syringe is a fast, convenient, safe and effective feeding tool.It is especially for feeding solid medicines, pills, capsules to pets.

The Use of Pet Pill Syringe
1.Add a little water or no water. 2.Put the tablets on the opened tip.Or Fill the potion with a closed tip. 3.Pick up your pet’s mouth and hold it in place, aim for the throat and push the piston.

Product Features

  • There are two silicone soft tips,the open one can hold the pills,the one that closed is used to feed the liquid.
  • Made of high quality silica gel,reusable and washable.
  • Product size:5.9×1.97inches. Product weight:1.06 ounce.
  • Especially for feeding solid medicines, pills, capsules to pets.

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