Pethouzz Pet Pill Gun Tablet Syringe with Soft Tip,Pet Medical Feeding Tool for Dog and Cat (Pack of 2)

This Pethouzz Pet Pill Tablet Syringe is widely used in many pet hospitals.
But it’s a little difficult to use for the person use it first time, and it needs some skills to use it.
Now, let me make a brief guide for you.

Pet pill Tablet gun x 1
Water feeding silica gel head x 1
Pill feeding silica gel head x 1
Step1: We usually install the water feeding silica gel head on pet pill tablet syringe at first, then inject water into your pet’s mouth to wet its throat.(Nonstick tablets and easier to swallow tablets)
Step2: We replace the water feeding silica gel head with the pill feeding silica gel head. Put the pill on the pill feeding silica gel head and clamp it.(Please note: Take the silicone head a little tighter and put its hole to the center, so that the pill gun can push the pill, and it does not deviate from it.)
Step3: You need to open your pet’s mouth and keep it open. (Some pets are naughty. So you need an assistant to help you grab your pet and open its mouth.)
Step4: This is the key step. You can successfully give your pet medicine or not, depends on this step. Take it easy, you need to take the pet pill tablet syringe insert into your pet’s mouth, put the pill reach the pharynx, then push the pill gun. The whole action needs to be fast and accurate. Not too hard to hurt pet’s throat, also not too light, could not reach the pharynx, leading to failure of feeding pill.

Product Features

  • There are two silicone soft tips,the open one can hold the pills,the one that doesn’t open is used to feed the liquid.
  • Made of high quality silica gel,reusable and washable.
  • Product size:5.9×1.97inches. Product weight:1.06 ounce.
  • Especially for feeding solid medicines, pills, capsules to pets.

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