The Friendly Swede 3-in-1 Hybrid Pen, Capacitive Fiber and Fine Point Disc Stylus, with Ballpoint end and Replaceable tips in Gift Box (2 Pack) (Silver)

The Friendly Swede 3-in-1 Pen

“One pen, endless opportunities”

In this great package of 3 tips we have included our best seller “Disc Stylus”. Our disc stylus delivers supreme accuracy and … Continue reading

The Friendly Swede Basics – Bundle of 45 Universal Stylus Capacitive Touch Screen Pens for Tablets and Phones + 2×10 Detachable Tether Strings (Short + Long Elastic) + Cleaning Cloth

The Friendly Swede Basics Rubber Tip Stylus Bundle

Easier, smoother typing and gaming with The Friendly Swede®

Give your finger a rest! Try The Friendly Swede’s Stylus series for easier, smoother, fingerprint-free … Continue reading

1 Dozen Soft Replacement Tips for The Friendly Swede 5.5″ High Precision Stylus Pen + Cleaning Cloth in Retail Packaging

CONTENTS – In The Friendly Swede® retail packaging:
4 x 3 Replaceable tips per package
1 x The Friendly Swede® microfiber cleaning cloth 5.5×3.0″

Compared with regular capacitive stylus tips, … Continue reading