Nokia 8110 Hands-On by MrMobile

“Matrix Phone.” “Banana Phone.” “Shameless appeal to nostalgia.” Whatever your own preferred nomenclature, Nokia calls its latest feature phone the “8110 4G.” It’s a modernized revamp of the original Nokia 8110, the mobile phone that first popularized the slider form factor back in 1997.

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Hands-on: Microsoft Office apps for Windows 10 Technical Preview

H aving already furnished iPad and Android users with touch-friendly versions of its Office apps, Microsoft has finally thrown a bone to Windows tablet users. Well, sort of. Although polished versions of the Office apps are now in the iTunes App Store and Google Play, the touch versions of Word, … Continue reading

Hands-on Apple Watch details surface: Battery Reserve mode, Glance, apps and more!

Just ahead of of Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event on March 9, some sources with hands-on experience with the Watch have disclosed vital details to 9To5Mac. The sources have divulged details about the battery performance, apps, touchscreen and more.

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