Wheel of Fortune

Product Features

  • Immersive Single Player “Spin Solo” Mode takes players on a journey through 30 years of Wheel of Fortune History
  • Pat Sajak joins as host!
  • Spin Together: Challenge your friends and family with an all-new multiplayer mode
  • Personalize your look with the in-game avatar creator
  • Expand your puzzle collection and your avatar style with the in-game shop
  • GameCircle Integration

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4 Responses to Wheel of Fortune

  1. Jamie Ratliff says:

    Wheel of Fortune for Android Review: I have been looking forward to Wheel of Fortune for Android, and it’s finally here. First, the graphics look amazing on my Kindle Fire HD. The gameplay is smooth, and it’s pretty obvious what you need to do while playing. There is even a fast forward button so you can breeze through the computer players without waiting. There is in app purchase options such as additional puzzles and clothing for your character, and from what I saw it was relatively cheap like $0.99 for 100 extra puzzles and a…

  2. B. Anderson says:

    Great game! 0

  3. Fancy Nan says:

    Wheel of fortune 0

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