The Rough Guide to the Best iPhone and iPad Apps

So many apps and so little time. How do you get to the best with a minimum of fuss? “The Rough Guide to the Best iPhone and iPad Apps” solves the problem. It pinpoints the 500 best free and paid for applications in all major categories. Whether its navigation or news, photography or productivity, games or utilities this book highlights the best running on iPhone, iPad (or both) from the marquee names to the hidden gems. Discover now, the 500 finest applications your iOS was born to run.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I recently purchased my first iPad and was looking for a book from someone who’d surfed the offerings and would separate the good from the bad. I just started to the book and was disappointed. I guess I wasn’t thinking about how few the number 500 is. For video, offerings like NetFlix and Hulu+ were mentioned, and for shopping, ‘Amazon’ – really? Google Earth? I just found a lot of the apps were VERY mainstream and readily accessible, even for a techno-newbie like me. That said, there are…

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