My iPad for Seniors (5th Edition)

Covers all iPads running iOS 11

My iPad for Seniors, 5th Edition, is a full-color, fully illustrated guide to using all of Apple’s iPad models. It includes everything from basic setup information to finding and installing new apps to using the iPad for communication, entertainment, and productivity. The information presented in this book is targeted at users aged 50 and up; whenever possible, one best way for any given task is presented, and instructions are simplified with older users in mind. In addition, much content specific for people 50+ is included.

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPad photos that show you exactly what to do.
Common-sense help when you run into iPad problems or limitations.
Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPad.

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do. Learn how to:
• Wirelessly connect to the Internet at home or away
• Personalize the way your iPad looks and works
• Make your iPad easier to use if you have trouble seeing or tapping the screen
• Use the Control Center to adjust frequently used settings
• Browse and search the Internet with Safari
• Use Siri’s voice commands to control your iPad and find useful information
• Find useful health and travel apps and fun games in Apple’s App Store
• Communicate with friends and family via email, text messaging, and FaceTime video chats
• Shoot, share, and view photos and videos
• Listen to music and watch movies and TV shows over the Internet
• Use iCloud to store and share your photos and other important data online
• Troubleshoot common iPad problems

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3 Responses to My iPad for Seniors (5th Edition)

  1. Hargreaves says:

    A GREAT BOOK! MUST BUY for anyone with an IPad, IOS 11.00 This is the best instructional book I’ve read! Author Michael Miller takes a reader clearly and patiently through each step, never assuming anything, with illustrations for each step. He doesn’t talk down to supposed “tech-limited” seniors on their way to dementia. Perk: the slightly larger print is a godsend.This is a book for anyone, young or older, who wants to quickly know how to use their IPad with the latest IOS 11.00. Mr. Miller covers everything. After trying to…

  2. G. Becker says:

    “My iPad for Seniors” Is Exactly What it Claims to Be! As a volunteer, I provide free, iPhone/iPad training classes at a nearby senior, independent, residence facility. I have not only used this book as a reference for my class preparations, but it is one that I have recommended to attendees who wish to learn on their own or simply have available for reference. The book is clearly written and illustrated and I find it very impressive that the author publishes new versions with the release of each new operating system. Hard to find current resources…

  3. Blackhorse says:

    Love the pictures.

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