Leica DISTO E7500i 660ft Laser Distance Measure w/Bluetooth & DISTO Sketch iPad iPhone App, Black/Red

Leica DISTO E7500i

The new Leica DISTO E7500i stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. The unique combination of digital Pointfinder and 360-degree tilt sensor allows measurements which are not possible with conventional distance meters. In addition, with Bluetooth Smart 4.0 and attractive free apps, you are prepared for the future.

Precise Indoor/Outdoor Targeting Plus a 360-Degree Tilt Sensor for Unlimited Measuring Options

Using the Pointfinder display and 4x zoom, the E7500i takes measurements with perfect accuracy and in unfavorable light conditions. This is a decisive advantage when working outside in sunny weather. Even if the red laser point is no longer visible to the naked eye, the target can be seen exactly in the crosshairs on the display. Equipped with a 360-degree tilt sensor, its also possible to measure heights, elevation changes, and true horizontal distances even over obstructions. Using the Pointfinder and the tilt together, additional indirect height measurements are possible where no reflective target point is available (e.g., when determining the height of a tree, tower, utility structures, buildings, etc.). These types of objects cannot be measured using conventional laser distance meters.

Easy to use

With a full color display and easy navigation from the keypad, the E7500i provides the simplest possible operation of complex measuring functions. For daily use items, your favorite functions can be assigned to a pair of selection keys that give you quick access with a single button press. If you need help with the function, press the help key and it will show you how to perform the measurement.

Rugged and Accurate to 1mm — Better Than 1/16-Inch

The housing and keypad are fully sealed against water and dust to IP65 standards and drop tested to 1 meter. Hot, cold, wet, or dry, the laser distance meter can be used in all weather conditions When accuracy really counts and conditions are less than perfect, the E7500i still performs and is tested to meet the ISO 16331-1 standard. This standard sets benchmarks for range and accuracy of laser distance meters depending on light conditions and reflectivity of the measuring target. Only Leica Geosystems laser measurement tools meet these tough standards. Our instruments do not just perform under perfect laboratory conditions, but above all, under every kind working conditions encountered on construction sites.

Modern Measuring Technology

Continuous development and technology innovation means the Leica DISTO series provides comprehensive functionality. Equipped with the latest innovations, these tools are flexible and versatile across a wide range of applications. When in use, the DISTO delivers the highest accuracy and reliability. Not every surface is perfect, and sometimes you need to get into tight corners or measure from an edge. The flip out end piece accounts for edges, corners, tight spaces, and automatically recognizes the correct reference point when used. Integrated tilt sensors combined with laser distance allows indirect measurements of distance and height from remote locations safely without the expense of ladders or lifts. For outdoor measurement, the full color digital Pointfinder display with 4x zoom makes targeting easy in bright sunlight or over long distances.

E7500i Features
  • Pointfinder with 4x zoom
  • IP65 water jet protection and dust-tight
  • 360-degree tilt sensor
  • Smart Horizontal Mode
  • Height tracking
  • Bluetooth Smart 4.0
  • Free App — Leica DISTO sketch
Which Disto is Right for Your Needs?
Disto E7300
Disto E7400x
Disto E7500i
Disto D810 Touch

1mm Accuracy — Better than 1/16-Inch

1/4 -20 Brass Tripod Mount

Units of Measure- Ft, In, Metric

Area, Volume, Pythagoras, +/-, Automatic Recognition of Multifunction Endpiece

Tilt Sensor

Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 (Consult Leica Geosystems for full specifications)

Color Pointfinder Display Screen with 4X Zoom for Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Use

Touchscreen, Camera, Capture Screen Shot to JPEG, Measure with a Picture, USB Download of JPEG Images

Product Features

  • This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output
  • 650ft Range Indoors and Outdoors at up to 1mm (1/16″) Accuracy, For long distances and very bright sunlight we recommend to use the special integrated Long Range (LR) Mode
  • IP65 Rated- water jet protection and dust tight, ISO 16331-1 Certified
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0 includes Intelligent Endpiece
  • Outdoor Pointfinder Camera w/4X Zoom Display Allows You to Target and Measure Items at Long Distances Outdoors
  • Measures in Feet, Inches, Yards, Decimal Feet, Decimal Inches, Meters

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3 Responses to Leica DISTO E7500i 660ft Laser Distance Measure w/Bluetooth & DISTO Sketch iPad iPhone App, Black/Red

  1. kreuz says:

    goes the distance. I don’t use most of the features, I just wanted a laser measure that could shoot in the sunlight and go the distance. This works. The camera sighting feature is pretty good, 1x and 2x are very usable 4x not so much. I can hit a 1″ target at 150′ (mounted on a tripod). I have hit a 4″ target at 200′. If I had a micrometer adjust rather than a ballhead, I could probably 1″-2″ target at 200′. The laser is powerful enough for full daylight in NV. Though the unit is rated to ~250…

  2. D. Gehlsen says:

    Got a Lemon Drains batteries within a few hours even when turned off. It does seem to have a slightly brighter or more focus laser which helps with spotting in daylight. As an appraiser, I wanted to try using this with my iPad, but found that the Leica app is pretty much useless and the regular appraiser apps don’t integrate with the D7500i. I was hoping that I could the Disto App to draw floor plans, but as you draw and assign measurements, the lines to do not change scale to accommodate with measurement…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The battery gets drained after a few hours use. The device freezes up for no apparent reason. I can either wait about 3 minutes for it to reset, or I can remove one of the batteries and it will reset that way. It’s hard to see the screen in bright sunlight.I do like the video camera and the new functions. I would gladly switch to a bigger size chassis for more battery capacity. The Leica Classic style fits more easily into my hands anyway.Here are two ideas for a…

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