I-USBKey 8GB – Apple Licensed USB Flash drive for iPhone and iPad

I-USB Key simplifies transferring files from a PC/Mac to an IPhone/IPad.

Product Features

  • Simply plug the I-USBKEY into your PC/Mac, copy pictures, videos, files onto the USBKEY
  • Plug the I-USBKEY to an IPhone/IPad, the app I-USBKEY starts (if installed) or the IPhone/IPad will ask you to download from the app store
  • Use the I-USBKEY app to view or for transferring files from/between IPhone/IPad
  • Dock Connector for 30 pin
  • I-USBKEY is a USB Flash Drive for iPhone / iPad and PC/MAC

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2 Responses to I-USBKey 8GB – Apple Licensed USB Flash drive for iPhone and iPad

  1. Rich Sama San Chan Senpai Kun Sensei says:

    Good for some things, not so great for others. Those of us who are used to the ease and versatility of USB drives on our computers might be a bit disappointed with the way these drives work on an iOS. Am I thankful some companies have started to create them? Yes, but they don’t work with the same ease that they do on your computer. Your best bet to extract a file from your iOS or to add a file is still, IMO, to install a program like iExplorer on your computer, connect your iOS to your computer, then browse and copy the file you…

  2. businessowner says:

    Portable, Easy to use, Very slick 0

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