Book 3: Navigating Xcode 5 – iOS App Development for Non-Programmers: The Series on How to Create iPhone & iPad Apps

After reading this book, I now have a completeunderstanding of Xcode! Kevin’s unique way of teaching makes it easy tolearn through text and lots of videos! Kevin is simply the best inteaching the non-programmers like myself. Don’t just get this book, getthe whole series! It’s well worth it!iBook Reviews

If you’re an experienced developer attempting to break into iOSdevelopment, or if you are totally new to programming and just trying to make a start, I recommend the entire series (Book 1, 2, and 3). TheyWILL get you over the hump, and get you going in mobile development onthe iOS platform!Earl D

Extensive, In-Depth Coverage of Xcode 7!
Mastering Xcode and Swift contains the most in-depth coverage of Xcode that you will find! It is a deep dive into the tools and technologies of Xcode and Swift.

Includes Step-By-Step Instructional Videos!
Mastering Xcode and Swift includes over a dozen step-by-step instructional videos that help you perform the detailed instructions in the book.

What You Will Learn
This book helps you master techniques including:

  • Creating an app architecture that lets your app run on iOS devices, the Apple Watch and Apple TV
  • How to use all of the iOS user-interface controls
  • Best practices for implementing Core Data
  • In-depth coverage of using table views to manage lists of data
  • Making the most of the user interface Auto Layout model
  • Mastering Dynamic Type
  • Implementing In-App Purchases
  • And much more!

Real-World Sample Code Projects
This book comes with nearly 30 sample code projects that demonstrate thetechnologies of Xcode and Swift. It also includes classes you can add to your own projects that make building iOS apps far easier!

About the Author
Kevin McNeish is a featured writer and blogger for iPhone Life magazine aswell as author of the best-selling iOS App Development forNon-Programmers book series, winner of the prestigious Publishing Innovation Award. Kevin is creator of iOS apps including iElectionDay (awarded iPad Appof the week), Robot Tic-Tac-Toe and is also Chief Software Architect ofOak Leaf Enterprises, Inc. He has a knack for explaining difficultconcepts in a way that you can truly understand.

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  1. james says:

    Great way for a Newbie to iOS to Get to See How it Works These books are a comprehensive series that provide the basics and beyond to create your own app. Each book develops and extends your understanding of Swift and Xcode. The author takes you on a journey from creating mockups in Xcode; to understanding the basic principles of the Swift programming language; to creating a data model and tying it all together to provide you with everything necessary to create your own app. Concepts are taught by creating or updating several different apps, which…

  2. Anonymous says:

    At a high level it really gave me a better understanding on creating an App, well it is a prototype App. But, to easily be walked through and how the basics work and with videos for each chapter to back-up the writing, great job!I actually bought Books 1 and 3 too, since I really liked how the book is written and the ease of understanding it I. I have spent a month trying to watch on-line videos on just creating a basic App but never got a chance to understand what or why on how it…

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