iPad Air / iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard + Leather Case, Alpatronix KX130 Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Folio Smart Case w/ Removable Wireless Keyboard for iPad Air 1, 2, iPad Pro 9.7-inch & iPad 9.7″ 2017 – Black

Alpatronix® [KX130] iPad Premium Synthetic Leather Folio Protective Smart Case with Detachable Bluetooth Wireless QWERTY Keyboard

Compatible with the following Apple iPad models:
• iPad Air (Late 2013)
• iPad Air 2 (Late 2014)
• iPad Pro 9.7-inch (Early 2016)
• iPad 9.7-inch (Early 2017)

The KX130 is the smartest addition for your iPad Air 1, 2, iPad Pro 9.7″ and iPad 9.7″ (2017). An elegant case, the KX130 adds protection, and functionality to your iPad. The exterior is made of premium vegan leather that protects your iPad. The removable keyboard makes typing on the iPad very easy, with a normal layout and larger keys.

• Magnetically folds into a portfolio case protecting your iPad from scratches, stains and splashes.
• Easily setup your iPad the first time; afterwards pairing is automatic once the keyboard is turned on.
• Comfortable, high quality and natural ABS keys provide a quick response and natural typing experience.
• Bluetooth keyboard can used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
• Auto wake and sleep function.
• Special keys for brightness, home, screen lock, volume and playback controls.
• Turn your iPad into an ultra portable laptop.
• For extra portability, remove the magnetic keyboard to use the case on its own to hold files and folders.

• Bluetooth 3.0
• ABS chiclet keyboard (higher quality than silicone keys)
• Operating Distance: 30 ft.
• Working Time: 100+ hrs.
• Standby Time: 800+ hrs.
• Charging Time: 1-2 hrs.

What’s in the Box? (Retail Packaging):
• 1x Premium Folio Leather iPad SmartCase
• 1x Magnetic Removable Rechargeable ABS QWERTY Keyboard
• 1x micro USB charging cable
• 1x User Manual
• 1x Warranty Card

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We offer a 2-YEAR hassle-free warranty to ensure long-lasting coverage, power and protection!

Product Features

  • 100% SATISFACTION: The iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7″ & NEW iPad 9.7-inch keyboard smart case comes with a 2-YEAR exclusive warranty ensures you are protected for 2 years of this product and 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE offers peace of mind, enabling you to return the product in case you don’t like your purchase for any reason.
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL & INTUITIVE KEYBOARD: The iPad Air / iPad Pro keyboard easily pairs with the iPad Air 1, 2, iPad Pro 9.7″ and NEW iPad 9.7-inch. ABS chiclet keys create an easy, fast and smooth typing experience offering a natural feel like a standard Apple keyboard. The keyboard includes an on/off switch to ensure you preserve battery when not in use.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: The iPad Air, iPad Pro (9.7″) and NEW iPad 9.7 inch premium synthetic leather case with magnetic keyboard provides maximum protection against dirt, scratches, stains, splashes or dents. This premium vegan leather case is compact, lightweight and snug for a perfect, secure fit.
  • RELIABLE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: The Bluetooth signal on the keyboard has a range up to 30 feet. It also has 120+ hrs. of working time, 800+ hrs. of standby time and only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge. The removable wireless keyboard also works with Android smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Retail packaging includes a 1x folio style premium leather case, 1x removable magnetic Bluetooth ABS keyboard, 1x micro USB charging cable, 1x user manual and 1x warranty card, which includes our legendary, super-friendly customer service. Purchase with confidence!

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3 Responses to iPad Air / iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard + Leather Case, Alpatronix KX130 Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Folio Smart Case w/ Removable Wireless Keyboard for iPad Air 1, 2, iPad Pro 9.7-inch & iPad 9.7″ 2017 – Black

  1. TurntableGuy says:

    THE CAMERA HOLE DEFINITELY DOES NOT LINE UP BUT HERE’S WHAT I DID…. KX130 just arrived for my iPad Air2. I have something like it for my 1st Gen ipad and the keyboard still works fine although the leather is shot, so I decided to get another keypad/case for it and also a KX130 by Alpatronix for the new iPad 2. I spent hours looking and comparing designs and features before selecting Alpatronix. I like the touch and feel of the keyboard as compared with the silicone keys for the early iPad 1. The Amazon listing claims the KX130 is good for iPad Air 1 and…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been looking for a keyboard case for my iPad air for some time. This case fits all of my needs and more. Many of the cases I’ve found put a very small delete key right below the lock button so you’re constantly locking the iPad instead of backspacing. The backspace button on this case is well placed and large enough to actually use. It has a very secure closure and the magnetic keyboard can be used separately when needed. The Bluetooth connection is great and there is no lag. The case…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I use an IPad as my main computer – going to my MacBook Pro only when I need to do heavy computation or manipulate stored files. I have have always. Used Bluetooth keyboard cases with the iPads I have owned. I recently bought an IPad Pro 9.7 to serve as my main iPad and needed a keyboard case for it. My bother-in-law has the Apple keyboard for his IPad Pro and after trying his I did not like it mainly because I hated the feel of the keys. I also did not want to spend a fortune on a case; so…

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