ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Screen Protection – HD Clarity + Premium Protection for Apple iWatch (38mm)

Exceptionally clear, unbelievably thin, and virtually indestructible, the screen protector offers advanced clarity and a glass-like surface to accentuate the sharp images and vibrant colors in advanced gadget displays. It is the perfect choice for protecting your device.

Product Features

  • Powerful components, designed to protect military helicopter blades, deliver unmatched protection
  • Ultimate HD clarity provides protection that looks as good as it feels
  • Intended for: Smart watch

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3 Responses to ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Screen Protection – HD Clarity + Premium Protection for Apple iWatch (38mm)

  1. JMK says:

    Ordered too late, but easy to install and covers existing scratches Unfortunately, I ordered this item about a week to late since my Apple Watch Sport was scratched while wrestling with my dog on the kitchen floor. After applying the Zagg InvisibleShield, those scratch marks are no longer noticeable even though I know that underneath my watch is forever ruined. The shield was relatively easy to apply. I followed the directions by peeling off the one side and then spraying down the shield. Then you apply it and make sure it is all lined up. Here is where it…

  2. Rat Dad says:

    Good but instructions and priming wipe are not so good I got a scratch on the glass of my Apple Watch Series 2 (hit my quartz countertop). After a lot of research, I found out that the Zagg screen protector will hid deep scratches like the one I got. I can confirm that it does make the scratch invisible! It also adheres well to the rounded edge, but you need to stay away from water because it will come off again.I am giving this 4 stars for the following reasons:- The adhesive priming pad/wipe leaves lint on the surface of the…

  3. dictoresno says:

    Perfect screen protector for the Apple Watch. I got the Zagg Shield for my Apple Watch. The install was just a tad offset on the first try since while it’s wet and you’re working the bubbles out, it can slide around. But I’m very impressed by the quality, protection and especially the warranty. I’ve replaced it twice already, both times totally covered under their warranty. First time, I snagged the watch on something and it peeled a corner. Another time (pictured below) it dragged hard on a painted wall. Both times Zagg insisted on…

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