Back to School Gift Guide for Apple Lovers

It’s time to go back to school. Sure, the student in your life need those expensive text books, some pens, and a lot of caffine to keep going during those late-night study sessions. But going back to school also requires some tech to help keep organized and on track.

iMore can help! We’re constantly scouring the internet, testing products, and figuring out our absolute favorite Apple and related products. And we’ve brought it all here, together, in one easy wish list, just for you!

iPhone 7 Plus

You should never leave home with out your phone and the iPhone 7 Plus is the ultimate in mobile computer tech. The student in your life will be able to keep track of schedules, record lectures, and chat with classmates about where to meet up for lunch. And if iPhone 7 Plus is just too big for those skinny jeans pockets, check out iPhone SE instead.

from $769 Buy Now

10.5 inch iPad Pro

The 128GB Wi-Fi-only 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the best iPad for reading, drawing, surfing the web, and streaming movies and TV. It’s big enough to act as a computer, but small enough to not weigh down a bookbag too much. Plus, there’s always a few minutes between classes to catch up on shows from Netflix, Hulu, or HBO GO.

from $649 Buy Now

13-inch MacBook Air

It’s not the lightest MacBook Apple sells any more, but starting at $999, it’s still the least expensive. It doesn’t have a Retina display, but it has plenty of USB ports. It’s the 13-inch MacBook Air and it remains our favorite laptop for students of all ages.

from $999 Buy Now

Apple Watch Series 1

If the student in your life needs GPS or swim-proofing for water polo, by all means, go with Series 2. Otherwise, Series 1 is every bit as fast and offers all the same great features, including phone and text, so there’s no excuse for not answering your calls. Activity and workout tracking helps keep off those freshman 15.

from $269 Buy Now

Apple TV

The 32GB Apple TV is perfect for those weekend decompressions. The student in your life will be able to gather up friends and squeeze into a tiny dorm room for a movie marathon session or game night. Apple TV will give you everything from iTunes to App Store to Netflix, all on the big screen!

$150 Buy Now


Apple’s new AirPods are great if you don’t mind the current 6-week wait. Otherwise, the same terrific connection technology is also available in Beats, and in several different designs. Does the student in your life prefer over-the-ear to in-ear? Not a problem with the Solo! And, if your student wants noise-canceling for those un-interupted study sessions, check out Bose.

from $159 Buy Now

UE Boom 2

Nothing is more soothing than listening to tunes while doing homework or studying for a test, and UE Boom 2 is just small enough to take anywhere, while being loud enough to fill a room at a party.

$155 Buy Now

Apple Music

Apple Music and Siri are the perfect combo. With access to every song in Apple’s catalog, all your student has to do to start dancing in the hall … is ask! There’s a free 3-month trial, and after that it’s just $9.99 a month, per person or $15.99 for the whole family!

from $10/m Buy Now


iPhones have terrific cameras, but ultra-thin lenses can only take you so far. olloclip lenses take you the rest of the way: fisheye, macro, and super-wide. It’s perfect for taking picures of back-to-school night, notes on the board, and flora and fauna to be studied up close.

$80 Buy Now

Philips Hue

The Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Bulb Starter Kit (3rd Generation) makes it possible to control lights with an iPhone, iPad … or even your voice. Tired of snow or rain and want some sun? “Make the light white!” Ready to watch Game of Thrones? “Make the dorm room red!” Forget to turn off a light when already in bed … or at the mall? “Turn off the lights.” School can be chaotic, but room lighting can make it a little more relaxing, or at least start a conversation with a new roommate.

$200 Buy Now

Amazon Echo Dot

The smaller sibling to the Amazon Echo proper, Dot is a home assistant that can fit almost anywhere — even a small dorm room. And that means even if two people share a dorm room, they can control music and lights, or get information, simply by asking Alexa. If you want to up the gift-giving, the Echo Show has a screen, so video chatting can keep you and the student in your life in closer contact than ever before.

$49 Buy Now

Apple Smart Battery Case

Make it through the night and into the next morning with Apple’s Smart Battery Case. Thanks to its unique integration, it packs more charging power into less bulk than any other other case, and that’s invaluable for any student running from class to class with barely enough time to stop for lunch.

$99 Buy Now

Fermata Headphone Charging Stand

Nothing says “classy” like a fancy stand for your headphones. The student in your life will be able to show off those sweet wireless headphones by charging them on this sleek stand, making music the centerpiece of the dorm room

$80 Buy Now

Twelve South Forté

Twelve South’s Forté offers a sleek design and top-notch quality for displaying and charging your Apple Watch: The metal and leather coiled stand lets you display your watch and band while charging it, and even offers a pad for resting your iPhone upon, too.

$60 Buy Now

Woven Nylon Band

Apple’s woven nylon bands are the perfect multi-purpose bands for any student. They’re stylish but relatively inexpensive. They’re light and breathable enough to be worn for workouts but also classy enough to go out on the town. And Apple’s just released a whole new lineup, complete with wide stripes and bright colors.

$49 Buy Now

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