How to replace your iPhone 7 Plus screen

The iPhone 7 Plus’s screen is beautiful, to be sure — but that glass beauty can break if dropped, smashed, or otherwise chipped against similarly-hard surfaces. Some breaks are worse than others, but if you completely smash your screen, you’re probably in need of a screen repair.

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How to watch the Tournament of Roses Parade

My favorite New Year’s Day pastime (while recovering from New Year’s Eve) is to watch the Tournament of Roses parade. It’s the best parade that’s ever been and has been a standing tradition for 129 years. This year, the parade will feature 44 flower and plant-covered floats, 21 marching bands, … Continue reading

A brief tour of Apple Park's Visitor Center

Apple Park is breathtaking: Minimalist, austere, Zen. The main building curves through the campus and above the trees, a Ring of glass and solar panels that disappears behind the rolling hills one moment only to rise up and fill your field of view the next.

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No, siblings aren't 'fooling' Face ID — they're training it

If you give your sibling your iPhone X Passcode, Face ID isn’t being fooled by them. You’ve already turned off security and are now letting Face ID be retrained — by them.

There have been some fun if silly videos making the rounds over the last couple of days that claim … Continue reading